1. Workshops

Leadership Development

There are 4 fundamental principles that take a leader from good to great.  If your team is not practicing these 4 easy steps, your company is not reaching its full potential. Explore how developing your leaders will grow your company and help your organization.   Together we’ll work on:

  • Discovery — your values and organizational culture.
  • Direction— vision and strategy.
  • Growth –  pillars of growth and obstacles.
  • People – building and developing teams.

Unlock the true potential of your team by finding their common values and creating common goals. Your organization is ready for Leadership Development. Invest in and develop your next generation of leaders. We will tailor our meeting style and length to accommodate your organization’s needs.

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2.  Executive coaching

Every executive needs a coach to help them grow.  Successful leaders like Pat Gelsinger CEO of Intel have been working with a personal coach for 20+ years. A coach will be your sounding board, help you overcome obstacles, guide you through challenging times, and making sure your highest priorities get the attention they need.  Our coaching relationship will consist of:

  • A20-minute complimentary assessment to make sure we’re a good match
  • It will be your growth plan & agenda.
  • We will meet for 90 minutes 2 times each month in person, via web or phone.
  • We’ll Identify and leverage your strength zone.
  • We’ll elevate your leadership ability in your organization.
  • We’ll transform you to be the best you can be.
  • You’ll have an accountability partner.

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3. Masterminds

The difference between a workshop and a mastermind is that a workshop has a specific and desired objective / outcome while a mastermind study group consists of like-minded and highly motivated individuals with no specific objective / outcome. Participants share a common goal to explore a topic and are looking to encourage, help, improve each other, and are focused to become the best they can be. Join one of Toms mastermind groups on topics of leadership, influence, culture, vision, growth, and more. Pending curriculum, mastermind groups meet for up to 90 minutes once per week for a determined period. Masterminds can be virtual groups or meet in-person groups.

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4. Keynote speaking:

Tom will kick off your event and help you persuade your audience to buy into your idea. When members of an organization need to understand the need for meaningful change in their culture, Tom is the ideal choice to instigate enthusiasm for that shift. Tom is part of an unparalleled group of leading professionals who specialize in calling people to action. Some examples of keynote speeches:

  • Influence—Leadership is influence. Learn the 4 keys to help influence others and become a better leader.
  • Culture— All winning organizations have a unique positive culture. Learn how to build an enduring culture and vision.
  • Connecting—Good leaders are great communicators but great leaders understand how to connect with others. Learn the principles of connecting.
  • Strengths— Understand your strengths and leverage working in your strength zone to grow and achieve better results.
  • Empowerment— Great organizations learn how to build self lead teams and empower them for independence and success.

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5. Strategic consulting

Looking to take your company to the next level? Tom recently formed a new partnership with CULTUREFORCE. This partnership brings together a unique combination of 30 years in C- Suite leadership and 30 years of Navy Seals leadership. Supported by our proprietary assessment and engagement tool, we will work with your team to assess the status quo and help formulate a strategic growth plan.

Areas that could be stumping growth are; adverse culture, lack of vision, wrong priorities, ineffective team. A healthy strategy is a growth strategy and shared by employees, suppliers, customers, and business partners.

Our team specializes in supporting companies in achieving increased profitability through organizational culture improvement and scaling the culture.

Our expertise and experience can greatly benefit companies of all sizes in navigating the complexities of leadership evolution and fostering self-led teams.

Our approach focuses on empowering individuals, cultivating a collaborative and innovative environment, and driving sustainable growth. By working together, we can unlock the full potential of your organization and enhance its performance in today’s dynamic landscape.

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Would you or your company like to achieve better results?

Tom can help you and/or your organization become better leaders through workshops and one-on-one coaching.