Tom is an industry influencer who adds value to individuals & helps companies reach their highest potential through life-changing leadership principles.

There are countless “leadership consultants” so how do you choose the right fit for you and your company? Tom is a highly sought after coach, mentor & speaker. His approach to leadership comes from a lifetime of international experience. He has built & led executive teams in Colgate Palmolive, Philips Electronics, Reckitt Benckiser, and the Strauss Group in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the United States. So, unlike many “leadership experts” who have not had the privilege of being in leadership, Tom has lived his life as a leader and can relate to the challenges you are facing. His accomplishments include establishing global alliances, acquiring companies, leading successful startups & creating brands. He is recognized as the turnaround specialist and is passionate about mentoring executives. Tom has helped executives, large organizations, technology startups, and even non-profits exceed their goals.

If you are a C-Level executive, mid-level manager, professional, small business owner, entrepreneur, or just looking for self-improvement, Tom will empower you to become a better leader. Using time-proven leadership methods together with Toms’ lifetime of business experience, he will help you solidify your strengths, build a winning team, become profitable and most importantly realize your true leadership potential.

Leadership Philosophy

Tom is a certified John Maxwell trainer, coach, and speaker.  He is a member of the John Maxwell Group, a leadership training organization built to grow and equip others to do remarkable things and lead fulfilling lives. His servant leadership principles are time-proven and based on biblical foundations.  Man of God; Leader of Men. That vision statement has guided every life choice Tom has made since 1995.

Tom is down to earth and able to strike a balance between business challenges and common-sense solutions. His motivational and engaging style will leave you with practical and applicable solutions that you can put into practice.  He will empower you and your company to succeed.  Tom is an international speaker and executive coach, who has spoken before crowds as large as 2000.

4 Reasons to Hire Tom

Here are 4 reasons people & companies LOVE booking Tom:


Tom easily connects with people.  He is truly diverse. Throughout his career, he has formed relationships with CEO’s, factory workers, firefighters, political leaders and stay at home moms. His friends & colleagues live in the USA, Europe, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Israel.


Tom has coached both young and mature executives who have started companies and have to lead $1B multinational organizations. He understands the difference between coaching and mentoring and can strike a balance between the two.  He will motivate and unleash your highest potential.


Tom’s keynote presentations are fun, engaging, and full of stories about his lifetime global experiences.  He connects with his audience and keeps them glued to their seats.


Tom’s workshops provide clarity and a roadmap that is easy to implement.  He has a gift of simplifying complex issues into simple down-to-earth real-life solutions that move people to action.


What people say about Tom:

Would you or your company like to achieve better results?

Tom can help you and/or your organization become better leaders through workshops and one-on-one coaching.