Tom Kereszti

Coach - Speaker - Educator – Mentor

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Tom transforms people into leaders. He will help you unleash your leadership potential through 4 proven keys to leadership success.



Organizations often struggle to motivate their employees and engage their stakeholders, just like individuals struggle to achieve fulfillment in their careers and lives. Become a better leader through Toms workshops, training, and coaching.



Let Tom help you lay the groundwork for your vision. Contact Tom today to learn the 4 secrets to breaking the leadership glass ceiling.


Would you or your company like to achieve better results?
Tom can help you and/or your organization become better leaders through workshops and one-on-one coaching.

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“Tom is a Mentor at heart who genuinely cares for people, wants to see them succeed and helps them transform into great leaders.His common sense approach helps our entrepreneurs understand how to become leading companies and how to connect with other people.”
Darin Andersen • Chairman, CyberTECH
“Tom stood out for his passionate leadership, clear vision and people orientation: those were the main reasons for me to join his team. Tom’s leadership qualities helped set direction to our company by identifying the pillars to build on and areas that needed to be restructured. Tom built a new executive team to help implement our vision and roll out across our emerging markets portfolio of companies.”
Federico Trovato