Unlock Your Leadership Potential

C-Suite & Beyond

Do you have a roadmap to your success?

Have you ever wondered what separates you from the most successful business leaders in the world?
Have you ever found yourself wanting to know their secrets so that you can experience even greater levels of success in your own life?

Well here it is. Tom Kereszti, in his new book C-Suite and Beyond, will break down what traits and experiences those at the highest levels of an organization are looking for in individuals who wish to make the climb upward.

He will share the four keys of his crucial leadership lessons from his years on the front lines of international operations. In addition, the book is filled with stories of leaders who have successfully led teams, inspirational quotes, Biblical lessons, and companies who have gotten it right. If you are a C-Level executive or just aspiring to be one, this book will empower you to become a better leader.